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WOLF ADOPT #1(OPEN!) FREE RAFFLE! (READ!) by DreamcatcherSkies16 WOLF ADOPT #1(OPEN!) FREE RAFFLE! (READ!) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 3 3 A Divided Family... by DreamcatcherSkies16 A Divided Family... :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 One Soul, Two Cats by DreamcatcherSkies16 One Soul, Two Cats :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc) by DreamcatcherSkies16 Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser by DreamcatcherSkies16 Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Between the Raindrops With You... - An OC MAP by DreamcatcherSkies16 Between the Raindrops With You... - An OC MAP :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 4 4 Warrior Cats ~ Jayfeather (REMAKE) by DreamcatcherSkies16 Warrior Cats ~ Jayfeather (REMAKE) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 5 0 Thunder Wing the Hippogryph - MLP OC by DreamcatcherSkies16 Thunder Wing the Hippogryph - MLP OC :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 Fate Speaker - MLP OC by DreamcatcherSkies16 Fate Speaker - MLP OC :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Heirs of Pyrrhia, Rise - Cover by DreamcatcherSkies16 Heirs of Pyrrhia, Rise - Cover :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 1 Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire by DreamcatcherSkies16 Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 2 My OC Mane 6(Remake) by DreamcatcherSkies16 My OC Mane 6(Remake) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 0 Abe Sapien x Princess Nuala ~ Hellboy 2 by DreamcatcherSkies16 Abe Sapien x Princess Nuala ~ Hellboy 2 :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 FORM REQUIRED! 1/6 OPEN Warrior Cat Adopts! by DreamcatcherSkies16 FORM REQUIRED! 1/6 OPEN Warrior Cat Adopts! :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 3 19 REUPLOADED Feline Adopts! *CLOSED* by DreamcatcherSkies16 REUPLOADED Feline Adopts! *CLOSED* :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 8 26 *~Ivypool~* by DreamcatcherSkies16 *~Ivypool~* :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 1



So, this is how this will work. Here, I have a wolf adoptable that I've made, however, there are a few rules in how to enter the raffle.


3. DO NOT claim this wolf or its design as your own before or after the winner is chosen.

4. Anyone is allowed to enter this.

5. This will now be ending on May 5 due to lack of people entering as of right now. ^^'

6. If you win the wolf, please don't resell it. However, I will accept trading and gifting it.

7. Don't be afraid to enter or ask questions! I'm very open to questions as well as giving advise to others, so there's no need to be afraid!


1. Commenting That You'll Enter and Favoriting is One Ticket

2. Being a Watcher of Mine is One Ticket. New Watchers are Welcome! Also, don't watch me just for this and then unwatch me afterwards.

3. Sharing With Others or Entering in a Poll/Journal Entry is 2 Points in Total(One For Each)

So, you can get up to 4 Tickets!

Lineart and Design for Adoptable: DreamingSkies(Me! :happybounce:)
A Divided Family...
"If we weren't in different clans maybe things could've been different Blaze... Now that they know the truth about us and the kits, we may never be able to have the future that we've dreampt of for all these years..." - Spirit

   Spirit and Blaze were kithood friends. They grew up together, trained together, and fought in battles together. Blaze had cared for Spirit and she cared for him, to the point of loving eachother. To be true, Blaze did love Spirit, but Spirit loved a different tom named Ender. However, Ender barely cared for her as a mate, and left her for another she-cat named Violet. Spirit was left broken and not even Coloratura could help her. Blaze had to step in. Surprisingly, he made her feel better and Spirit had even told him that she was foolish to pick Ender as a mate, instead of him. Blaze was surprised and he wanted to help her.

    After the war with the dogs when they fought side-by-side with one another, that's what brought them together. However, there was one thing in the way: the cats were all seperating into four clans. Blaze wanted to join Spirit's clan to be with her, but he was drawn to the clan that his parents and sister had joined instead. Soon, the two met up whenever possible as well as meeting up at gatherings. They promised one another that they'd be together one day with their kits. Soon though, another thing came: Spirit was pregnant Blaze's kits. She couldn't tell her clan about it being Blaze's so instead, she said it was Talon's.

   Once the kits, Hawk and Willow, were born, she had informed Blaze and told her to meet up with her in their normal spot, where Spirit would later bring the kits to him. However, they were seeing by Talon, who at the next gathering, told the clans that they weren't his kits and who their father really was. Spirit and Blaze knew that after that, they could never be together until they were in the heavens together.

Cats: Spirit(black and white cat with wings), Hawk(golden kit with wings), Willow(dark tabby kit), Blaze(bright golden tabby cat)
One Soul, Two Cats
    "Spirit and Coloratura... Two great leaders to us all... It was said that they were two sisters as one who had lost from one another, but one day found eachother once more as two cats instead of one. They were like sun and moon, day and night. Spirit was determined but also intuitive and understanding. Coloratura was stubborn and judgmental, as well as wise and not so confident. 
    For several moons to come I saw how they made eachother stronger. Without the other, they seemed powerless. They saw each others' faults and found ways to move past them when needed. In battle I would see them fight side by side, and they seemed unstoppable like the tides alongside the rocky shores.
    When Coloratura died, I saw how Spirit changed... She grew restless, frightened, and silent. With Spirit as my mother, it was a much greater pain upon me and Willow, but yet Winter and Thunder lost their mother. I thought that I wouldn't learn what that felt like for a long time.
    Before I knew it, Spirit was killed in battle too. Without Coloratura, I saw how weak she'd become, but yet, she seemed stronger that day. Something in Spirit sparked. I watched as her spirit ascended into the sky where she met with Coloratura. They seemed to form together, into one cat. Who would've known that two separate cats could ever be one soul when they grow so close?
    It also seemed as if Coloratura and Spirit's souls passed onto us cats left. More specifically Willow, Thunder, Winter, and I. Now Thunder and I will take their places as Alphas, carrying on the legacy that they have created in MoonClan... They won't be forgotten, I know that for sure... They're watching over us, I know that too... But knowing what will happen next and who shall live or die is still a mystery... Who knows what'll happen without them to defend us..."
                                  - Hawk (End of the "Ashes and Tears" Series)
Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc)
This is a picture of 4 shots in my intro part of my "Between the Raindrops" OC MAP. You can find the full intro and MAP below. The MAP is still open if anyone wants to join!

Full Intro:…

Actual MAP:…
Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser
This is a little teaser pic of a series I plan to make on my YouTube Channel soon. I was inspired by Seri! Pixel Biologist!'s Sims 3 Warrior Cat Series. I made one episode in the past, but now, I'm planning to update it to be a much better version. Now, I'm finally a verified YouTube member, so now I can make videos longer than 15 minutes and make custom thumbnails. Also, I hope to do little scenes before, in between, or after the gameplay like Seri does, but I may plan to have castings and voice actors to voice them in those scenes to make it more advanced.

The picture here I took in the Sims 3 Game on the map I'll make my series in. More specifically, this picture was taken by the pond in HeatherClan's camp. The editing that I did afterwards I had done in Pixlr Express.

Also, on Warrior Cat Amino, I had asked my followers, friends, and other players what I should do for this series. The main character will be a kit, and the kit will be a member of HeatherClan. I hope to ask more questions and hold more polls for more details on this upcoming series. I also hope to post more teasers on Amino, YouTube and of course DeviantArt.

See you guys soon!
Between the Raindrops With You... - An OC MAP
   One of my recent pieces of art. I'm in love and this took me so long! I'm planning to have this as the cover for an upcoming OC MAP too, which will be using the song "Between the Raindrops" by Lifehouse. Honestly, I couldn't decide rather or not I wanted to do Between the Raindrops or It Is What It Is(another Lifehouse song) for the song. However, I made up my mind for countless reasons. The main reason is the sound and meaning of the songs.
   This MAP will be about friendship or love and how that friendship or love was lost or made, and even though the other may be gone, they're still persevering for them. "It Is What It Is" is a song more about love that's lost. However, it sounds more sad than heartwarming and it didn't fit this picture or my idea of the MAP. It does have beautiful lyrics but it's more about a man losing his lover and how he has a difficult time recovery. "Between the Raindrops" is kind of a love song(depending how you look at it), but it's meaning that no matter what challenges they face, they'll be there for eachother. That's what I'm going for!
   This picture is of my OC Spirit and my "sister's"(she's not my actual sister but she's like a sister to me for how close we are) OC Coloratura. No, my friend isn't dead like her OC is right now, so don't worry about me. :D (Big Grin)  Coloratura and Spirit were like sisters(and they're actually distant cousins, lol), always there for one another, fighting for eachother, raising a clan together even. When they were together, no one could stop them. They truely loved one another. But when Coloratura died, her spirit stayed with Spirit. Spirit knew that Coloratura was with her. Spirit would never forget her "sister". When Spirit died later on, they reunited, and they never parted from one another after that. They were always like one cat... One soul...

   These events happen in my "Blood and War" and "Ashes and Tears" series that I'm writing. Blood and War is when they're young and they have a war with dogs and Ashes and Tears is when they form their clan up to when Spirit dies. I hope to have more up on those series soon! I hoped you enjoyed this!

Link to MAP:…
Warrior Cats ~ Jayfeather (REMAKE)
   So here's a piece of art of the Warrior Cat, Jayfeather. I do like him, but I'm not really one of THOSE fangirls. I've seen online that a majority of people like him for his grumpy behavior... *sigh* Well, I like for more reasons than that. He can be a little misunderstood. He was small and blind. His siblings and foster parents followed him everywhere just to make sure he was okay, especially after he almost drowned in the lake. I also like his story as Jay's Wing. He was quite an extraordinary cat to me. I didn't LOVE it, but I did enjoy the time with Half Moon while it lasted as well. 
   In general though, I'm in love with this piece of art! This is a remake of the picture I made of him months ago for the Warrior Cat 30 Day Challenge on Day 1. I did make the comparison pic, however, I won't post it on here because it's not the most nessessary thing to do. The link to the first picture is here: dreamcatcherskies16.deviantart…
Thunder Wing the Hippogryph - MLP OC
I made this a week ago. It's a more recent OC I've made for the MLP Movie. I've made my own Hippogryph OC. I did use a base for this, but if you compare it to the base, there's a huge difference. I made the beak longer and wider, the eyes are different, the neck and front left leg are a bit thicker, and the right "ear" is a little different. This is a very big improvement for me and I'm glad that I'm starting to shade my more recent pictures more often. It makes a great difference to my art!
Fate Speaker - MLP OC
Sorry that I'm posting a lot today. It's just that I've made lots of art and this piece of art I made a month ago but never had the chance to post it online. This is one of my new MLP OCs, Fate Speaker. He is a blind unicorn that is some kind of prophet to some extent. As you can see, he enjoys reading books. I'm really proud of how this turned out and this just so happened to be one of the first pictures that I used rather extreme shading, shadowing, and lighting. I'm so proud of it, for it taking me at least three days(because I was actually making this at school and I'm only in computers for an hour. I never had the chance before to work on this at home and it was funny to see several of my classmates watch as this came to life.
Heirs of Pyrrhia, Rise - Cover
So, this is the first book cover that I've made for my fanmade "Wings of Fire" series "Heirs of Pyrrhia". This happens a year before the actual "Heirs of Pyrrhia" series though. I'm quite proud of this. I'm planning to make an animated version of this series though on my YouTube channel and starting to write it on Wattpad and I may also post it on Quotev if I'm able. However, on Wattpad, I'm only starting to write this. Also, at the moment I'm quite sick so I may not get many chapters up right now. Soon, I won't send a link to it though quite yet because I haven't even written the actual series yet.
            Below is the plot:
A year before the elite dragons were brought into the world, Pyrrhia was different... 
Different evil forces were awakened, new dragonets were sent in to be the tribes' saviors. First,the Dragonets of Destiny,and then the Jade Winglet 
of Jade Mountain Academy. While those evil forces still lurked, the queens had a secret plan. A plan that not even the Rogues could discover... Or so they thought...
Once the army of rogues grow in numbers, the tribes must act fast in order to save Pyrrhia from destruction. It's up to the queens to be able to save
Pyrrhia and raise this new elite army. But will they be ready in time, or will Pyrrhia fall beneath their talons and the dragon tribes 
are led down a path of destruction? What are the Rogues' plans, and what has come upon them to go down this dark path?
Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire
Do, I decided to draw Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire for almost no apparent reason. I'm making book covers for my Heirs of Pyrrhia series, and I originally planned for this to be one of them. However, the new cover for the book I'm currently working on is only one book and not based around one of the queens in particular so I had to change it. However, this was just too good that I couldn't just get rid of it. I'm really learning how to shade in MS Paint and I'm learning the basic controls for Pixlr Editor too. Also now, I'm starting to add my signature to my really good pictures. If you're wondering what it stands for, seeing that it isn't my DeviantArt or YouTube name, it's the inituals of my first and last name, which is a signature that I've used quite frequently now. Not giving away my name though, even my first name, because I'm not stupid, lol.
My OC Mane 6(Remake)
So here's a remake on my MLP mane 6! They look rather stunning I must say. Originally, my OCs were named Dreamcatcher, Jewel Stone, Carrot Cake, Rainbow Blitz, (something) Dice, and another that I can't remember. I love this remake a lot better. The base was originally made by BlueBerry-Bases, who's DeviantArt account is here: BlueBerry-Bases
Abe Sapien x Princess Nuala ~ Hellboy 2
I actually made this a while ago, but with my laptop being broken, I couldn't post it and I was a little hesitant at first. However, instead of waiting for my old laptop to come in, I actually got a whole new laptop for Christmas, yay! So here's a piece of art that I made for one of my most favorite movie couples from one of my ultimate favorite movies ever: Abe Sapien and Princess Nuala from Hellboy 2! I absolutely adore these two. They're my weakness... I hope you enjoy this and happy holidays!
FORM REQUIRED! 1/6 OPEN Warrior Cat Adopts!
So these adopts are particularly Warrior Cat adopts, not just Felines. If your comment asks for one of the adopts without a form or you put the form in wrong you will not get the cat. ONLY 1 PER PERSON! If I respond back to you "ok"ing you, it is yours! Look below to see the form required. Also, the base isn't mine but the design is.

PS, my laptop is broken so I won't be able to put in names until it's fixed hopefully soon. I've been waiting a week for it to be fixed. But I will have it say your cat is taken, so no worries!

Short Backstory
Why you want it(NO "I like the design" or any of those excuses. You can put that that you like the design, however if you do put that, please have more reasons. It must be a good reason in order to get it!)

2. Owned by LOST09 
3. Owned by DonnieApril123 
4. Owned by DawnXTyr 
5. Owned by AMARYLLIES
6. Owned by missgumley 


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